Complete Schedule for Fire + Fish + Beer on May 17th

337 Shotwell Street (at 17th) Saturday, May 17th 2014 11AM - 4PM

Tickets $100 per person for the full day of workshops, tastings and picnic
Tickets available at:

Calling all novice grillers, local beer enthusiasts, and serious picnic seekers! Saturday, May 17, 2014 Skill Exchange is bringing together a group of our favorite local experts for a crash course in essential summer skills. We’re offering a line up of workshops to help you learn a few new skills to help improve your kitchen tool know-how, spice up your summer picnic prowess and lets be honest, your whole life.

Welcome + Introductions

The Year in Food  | Kimberley Hasselbrink
To kick off the day, Kimberley will share a recipe from her forthcoming cookbook Vibrant Food. We’ll taste Summer Squash Pasta with Green Goddess Dressing -a refreshing tangle of noodles made from summer squash, tossed with a bright and zesty yogurt-based Green Goddess Dressing, and garnished with fresh herbs, pine nuts and shaved parmesan cheese. It's perfect outdoor eating!

Town Cutler | Instructor Galen Garretson
While we enjoy the tasting, Galen will teach a basic 3-step process for sharpening knives at home using Japanese Whetstones. This lesson includes a discussion on knife safety and demo of essential knife skills for every home chef. We dare you to stump this knife master, his knife knowledge will astound!

Fermenters Club | Instructor Austin Durant
Austin will teach about the joys, history and benefits of KIMCHI, a traditional Korean fermented vegetable dish. You'll get to sample some mature AND young kimchi, then watch a live demo to learn how it's made!

Siren Fish Co. | Instructor Anna Barr Larsen
Anna will lead us through a comprehensive lesson on what to look for + what to avoid when buying fresh fish. Anna will demonstrate some home seafood prep basics, including how to scale a fish, gut a sardine, shuck an oyster, debone a fish and more. We'll discuss methods of seafood preservation (freezing, poaching, pickling, smoking and drying). We’ll get some hands-on experience gutting sardines, as well as shucking (and eating!) oysters!

Edible San Francisco Magazine | Instructor Bruce Cole
Edible San Francisco Magazine Editor Bruce Cole will demonstrate some grilling basics, including what fuels to use and why, best ways to start your fire as well as the pros and cons of direct vs. indirect grilling. He'll also give us the low-down on grilling vegetables, fruits and of course, seafood. Bruce will show us how to break down and fillet whole salmon (now in season!) We'll gather around the grill as Bruce demonstrates everything from start to finish. This workshop will transition into a full meal shared family style.

HenHouse Brewing Company | Instructor Collin McDonnell
Collin will lead a beer tasting with a focus on everyday food and beer pairing including accessible beers from the grocery store. This conversation will include matching beer intensity to your food, as well as complimentary and contrasting flavors.

Grilled Picnic  | Q & A Session
After our lessons and tastings, we’ll come together for a grilled meal served family style! We’ll sample barbecued oysters and grilled sardines, as Bruce Cole and instructors prepare a savory, sweet and spicy meal of grilled salmon and seasonal vegetables, kimchi and grilled peaches. Everyone will enjoy the meal together outdoors (if weather permits) with an informal Q&A with all our teachers. You'll be sent home with a full belly and a resource guide, including recipes and how-tos from all of our teachers.

Complete menu will be letterpress printed by The Aesthetic Union!