Between 2011-2014, Skill Exchange hosted over 50 low-cost and/or free public workshops in San Francisco. To see a list of some of our past events, please visit our public eventbrite page here.

Skill Exchange workshops are taught by skilled artisans, tradesmen and small business owners. Here is just a selection of some of the businesses we have had the pleasure to partner with and the workshops we've offered:

Cooking and Food Preservation

Embrace Health & Nutrition | Seasonal, healthy recipes
Gialina Pizzeria  |  Seasonal cooking and cavatelli making
INNA Jam   |  Basics of food preservation and jam making
Project Juice | How to make almond milk at home
Punk Domestics  |  Making piadena: traditional Italian flatbread | Making Tea Liqueurs
Ragazza Pizzeria  |  Hand-pulled mozzarella
Salumeria  with Sophie Mosgrove |  Cheese basics: Beginner's guide to lactose  | Cheese history and tasting
Sidesaddle Kitchen  |  Raw food basics: equipment and tools  |  Vegan raw desserts
Spice Hound  |  Introduction to artisan salts

Brewing and Fermentation (Libations too)

Almanac Beer  |  Home Brew and the Beer Industry
The Bitter Housewife | Cocktails and bitters  
Fermenter's Club | How to pickle green strawberries | How to make Kimchi
Red Circle Tea  |  Tea basics | Brewing tea
Sightglass Coffee  |  Home brewing basics
The Royal Cuckoo  |  Holiday cocktails and punches
Virgil's Sea Room Bar  | How to build a better cocktail

Butchery, Charcuterie and Whole Animal Education

Pastoral Plate  |  The whole chicken: butchery, carving and making stock
Revival Bar + Kitchen  with Travis McConnell  |  Intro to charcuterie  |  Sausage making  |  Bacon curing
Siren Fish Co | Buying and preparing local fish and shellfish


Gardening and Urban Farming

Fire Escape Farms  |  Herbs 101
Mission Community Market | Seasonal Farmer's market tips
Urban Chicken Network  |  Backyard flocks: Urban Chicken Keeping


Tools, Traditional Arts and Life Skills

31 Rax  |  Vintage Clothing: Styling, Care and Mending
Box Pleat Designs  |  Upholstery Basics
Edible SF | Intro to grilling outdoors
Margo Moritz Photography  |  How to shoot in manual: the basics
Natalie Bowen Designs  |  Elegant flower arrangements from corner store bouquets
PUBLIC Bikes   |  Basic bicycle mechanics and maintenance
The Aesthetic Union  |  Contemporary Letterpress Printing | Printmaking
This Humble Abode  |  How to tie bow ties and neckties
Town Cutler  |  Essential knife skills: safety, slicing and sharpening  |  Sharpening with Japanese whetstones

We've also shared workshops on:
Wine and Cheese pairings | DIY Lamp wiring | Winter container gardening | Spring container gardening | DIY preserved lemons ...and more!


Special thanks to our supportive partners and collaborators

California Academy of Sciences | Nightlife
Kara Brodgesell | Photographer
Kimberley Hasselbrink | Photographer + Author
Makeshift Society San Francisco | A co-working space for creatives
StoreFrontLab | Mission storefront space, experiments of community interest